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Hero Machine

Very useful and usable program. With single mouse-click you can create any character - from World Savior in tight Swimming-pants to Evil Badass surrounded by Black Magic Aura. The first free version of program has been used to create images of Slayers in "Slayfield".

Alexander Zorich

Postmodern Fantasy. Esoterical Cyberpunk. History "like nobody does it before". One of the best Russian writers. In the English section of his official site you can learn more about him and even read some of his stories. How about sad and epical "Conan and Death"? Or maybe "Halloween", gloomy, freaky and scary as it is to be.


An online science-fiction strategy game featuring 9 unique races and over 150 collectible cards. The most interesting thing about the game is - all this cards are pure virtual! You can bye cards online, trade, play and take part in tourneys. On the game's site you can download the client program and become a trial member. It's free! And it's really worth a look. 13R Choice!